Workouts For Men

Best Workouts for Men

Achieving a fit body and a toned physique is on every man’s wish list. While fitness may be every man’s desire, but not many men put in the right kind of effort in this direction. A well planned fitness exercise regimen can do wonders for your health and body. All you need to do is to plan a holistic workout routine that helps build stamina, muscle and strength. The exercise workouts that you must include in your daily fitness routine are as follows.

Abdominal exercises

The best workouts for men include exercises for the abdominal area. These exercises are an important part of any workout routine because they strengthen your abs, and provide stability to your trunk or core. There are many abs-exercises that you can do. Every gym has equipment like the captain’s chair or an exercise ball for abdominal exercises. If you are not planning to go to a gym, and want to workout at home, you still have ample choice.


One of the best workouts for men that you can do at home is a bicycle exercise. All you need to do is to lie down on a mat with your hands under the head. Then bring your knees towards the chest and pull your shoulder blades forward. Then rotate to the left side while bringing the right elbow towards the left knee. Repeat 10-12 times on both sides. You can do 1-3 sets depending on your stamina.

Strength training

For those who say that they don’t work out because they have no time, there are some easy strength training exercises that can work out many muscles of your body and leave them strong and toned-up. For those who won’t like to go to the gym, it is best to have a pair of dumbbells at home. Some basic weight exercises can strengthen arms, chests and shoulders. Apart from this, push-ups and squats are some excellent fitness exercises that can strengthen your legs, chest and shoulder muscles.

Cardio exercises

Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight or improve your health; the best workouts for men must include cardiovascular exercises. There are plenty of exercises that you can do to burn calories, and get into shape. Running is the simplest, and one of the best cardio exercises. It helps build conn

ective tissue and strong bones. Another simple form of cardio exercise is bicycling. It helps burn a lot of calories and strengthens the muscles of the legs. It also builds up your stamina.

The cardio and strength training exercises can be done on separate d


ays, or you can do a combo of these exercises daily. The exercises should be coupled with adequate rest periods, to get best results.

The Best Workouts For Men may be different for each person. It’s a good idea to start slowly and gradually build endurance and muscle. Being healthy and fit is the path to well-being so make a plan and get started!