Workout Routines That Fit Your Lifestyle

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Don’t have time to workout? Got a busy schedule? Here’s a quick Workout Routine that you can fit in even in the most trying circumstances. Check out this workout routine for the busy life we live in from the website to your Health:

The 6-Minute Workout

By Editorial Staff

Think you can’t get a great workout in only 6 minutes? Try these eight exercises and decide for yourself. We think you’ll be too out of breath to object – and too pleased with the results to complain.


1. Push-ups: Start with a basic move: the push-up. Do as many as you can with good form within 30 seconds. Good form means your elbows are approximately shoulder-width and your head / buttocks / feet are essentially aligned (no dipping, slumping or twisting). As you descend into each repetition, your elbows should bend back toward your feet, rather than out perpendicular to your body (which will engage your shoulders and risk injury). Keep your core (abs) tight throughout.

exercise2. Plank: Speaking of your core, once 30 seconds has expired, transition from push-up position to plank position, which really means changing your point of contact with the floor from hands (push-ups) to forearms (plank). Bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle at approximately shoulder height and rest on your forearms for 30 seconds, holding your core tight. Again, avoid flexing your lower back, which could risk injury.

3. Wall squats: Transition from plank position to a wall squat, which is as simple as standing with your back against a wall and lowering yourself down until your knees are bent to a 70-degree angle or so with your body. Hold for 30 seconds. Avoid slumping your shoulders. Tighten your abs.

4. Triceps dips: Grab a chair (or use a similar firm surface that won’t give way) and perform triceps dips for 30 seconds. Position yourself so you’re facing away from the chair, etc., and support yourself with your hands (fingers facing forward). With arms extended completely, lower yourself by bending your elbows to a 90 degree angle and then raise yourself back up so your arms are extended again. The key here is to keep your elbows in a fixed position (except for their bending motion) so you work the triceps (the back of your upper arm).

5. Step-ups: Take that same chair / stable surface and transition into step-ups / step-downs. It’s as easy as it sounds. Stand in front of the chair and step one foot up, then the second foot up, then the first foot down, then the second foot down; repeat for 30 seconds as quickly as you can. Keep your back straight and concentrate on the movement to avoid falling. Balance is more important than speed here.

This is some great advice on how to get some exercise fitness in your life when you’re slammed with important business and have little time for health routines. Check out this article at


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