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Healthy Food For Fitness

Published on September 13, 2012 with 3 Comments

Wondering what to eat post workout?

Thinking about your workout nutrition? Here’s an article from about some ways to supplement your workout plan with good nutrition choices. - healthy active living

The best exercise foods

What to eat before, during and after exercise

As any elite athlete will testify, your training is only as good as the food that you use to fuel it. But what are the best exercise foods pre-workout, during, and post-workout?

How would the marathon runner fare if they neglected to load up their carbohydrate stores before a 26.2 mile (42.2km) race? Would a bodybuilder achieve the gains they desire on a diet bereft of protein, which is key for building muscle? And can we expect to train at our best if we eschew good nutrition for junk food?

Clearly, correct dietary choices are extremely important to maximize training gains, especially in your pre and post-exercise eating. Nutrition for sport and exercise is a vast subject but for the purpose of this article, we will focus on what to eat before, during and after exercise — which makes a huge difference to your performance and recovery. This feature focuses on:

  • Correct food choices before different exercise sessions
  • How to maximize your recovery between workouts
  • Food and fuelling suggestions for when you’re on the go
  1. Before exercise
    If your nutrition is poor before your workout then you are guaranteed to feel lethargic and tired and will be unable to get the most out of your training session. Whether your session is in the pool, in the gym, at a yoga class or on the trails, you will always need correct fuelling.

    Before a cardiovascular session
    Ideally you should eat two hours before cardiovascular exercise to allow for digestion. Eat a low fat meal containing some good quality protein (for example lean meat or fish), together with some carbohydrate that has a low to medium glycaemic index. Glycaemic index or GI is a ranking system for different foods based on the speed that they enter the bloodstream. The higher the index value, the faster the food enters the bloodstream for example; glucose has a GI of 100. The lower the value, the slower the food enters the bloodstream and a more sustained energy release is achieved for example; porridge oats have a GI of 49, and so will enter the bloodstream more slowly than glucose.So, try to target 30g of protein combined with 1.1g of carbohydrate per kg of bodyweight.

    Before a resistance training session

    Your pre-resistance training session will not be dissimilar to your pre-CV workout, but you can add more carbohydrate if your session will be very intense.For example, target 30g of protein combined with 1.1 to 1.5g of carbohydrate per kg of bodyweight.
  2. During exercise
    Your energy requirements during exercise are dependent upon the duration of your workout. Solid food is unlikely to be very attractive and digestion will be slower than fluid and sweat losses can be in excess of one liter (33.8oz) per hour in hot conditions, so hydration is likely to be your primary concern. However, a drink can also include top-up carbohydrate to maintain your fuel stores.

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Your body needs fuel to pump that iron and work those abs. This article gives you some ideas about what kind of foods can help you in your workout routine. Learning what to eat before working out, how to maintain your energy level during your exercise and what to eat post workout is an important aspect of a workout plan.

Check out this nutrition guide for bodybuilding and fitness.

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  1. Very interesting read!

  2. I always thought you weren’t supposed to eat when you are working out?

    • As the article says, it’s probably not a good idea to eat anything while working out. You should keep hydrated and perhaps use some carbohydrate drink if you are an experienced weight trainer. Workout nutrition is important for weight training, especially what you eat before and after an intense workout session.

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