What is Cardio?

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Cardio Workout

The best way to start a fitness training program is to incorporate a solid cardiovascular exercise into your workout plan.
Human Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular exercises raise the heart rate and increase the oxygen levels in your body. This provides the necessary nutrients and hormones your body needs to sustain a good workout session. A lot of men will prefer to start lifting weights or use exercise machines instead of beginning a good cardio program. However cardio exercises are an essential part of an overall general fitness plan.

If you’re thinking of losing some weight you should think about performing some cardio exercises in the morning before you eat. Your body will burn stored fats and carbohydrates as fuel and this will kick start your metabolic rate. You can have some coffee or low calorie drink if needed but the fat burning will occur more quickly if you begin your day with cardio.

Here are some good cardio exercises to begin with.

♂ Walking :                                                                                                   Never underestimate the power of walking. You can get a great start with a brisk walk in the morning and even in the evening after a meal. Walking raises your heart rate and moves all your major muscles. If you haven’t been doing much exercising this is a good way to begin. Just go out the door and walk down the street. Drive to a park and walk around it or go to the nearest school where you might be able to use the track. Most gyms have an area where you can walk or use the treadmill. It’s easy on the joints and gets you ready for more advanced training.

♂ Bicycling                                                                                             Bicycling is a great way to burn excess body fat and enhance your cardiovascular health. It strengthens key muscles in your legs and lower body and will greatly increase your lung power. You can put in a good solid hour of riding and burn around 400 to 500 calories in a cycling trip.

♂ Running
Running or jogging can burn some serious calories and can be done most anywhere.  One thing you have to keep in mind when running is  that you can put stress your knees and ankles. Always have a good pair of running shoes that support your arches and make sure that your running route is safe from obstacles and vehicle traffic. A lot of people run on the treadmill in a gym and this is a great way to start a workout!

♂Elliptical Trainer                                                                                            This very popular machine in the gym provides a whole body workout. It moves the arms, upper body, legs and lower body and builds endurance without stressing your body’s joints,  The elliptical trainer is a great way to do cardio exercises and can burn 300 calories in around 30 minutes.

♂ Swimming
Swimming is another whole body workout that is easy on your joints. You use all muscle groups with the different types of swim strokes and can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. It’s not always easy to find a convenient place to swim however so if you like to swim and are near a pool this can be a good option.

Overall fitness of the mind and body is a road to good health and an exercise plan that starts with a good cardio workout will bring your lung power and circulation levels to maximum efficiency. Always be sure you warm-up your body before starting any of these workouts. Start slowly and ease into a solid exercise plan that you can stick to as much as possible.If you can work at even three days a week for thirty minutes or more you see and feel the difference. Just do it!

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  1. Elliptical is by far my favorite form of cardio

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