Want To Get Bigger?

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Check out these great tips from WebMD

Need a new workout routine? Even if you have a good one these are some great moves that pack on muscle fast! This article from WebMD shows the classic exercise routines that all great body builders use. You can too! Just do it!.

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Fast Track to Bigger Muscles

If you’re willing to sweat, you can pump up your physique in less time than you might think. With the right moves, you can work toward power pecs and better biceps in just two workouts a week. If you’re not active now, tell your doctor before starting a fitness program.

Bigger Arms: Hammer Curl

For biceps you can show off in short sleeves, start with a hammer curl. Hold dumbbells so they face your outer thighs. Exhale and bend the elbows. Raise the dumbbells until their tips nearly reach your shoulders. Inhale and lower slowly.


This series of slides shows some great workout routines and  gives you info on the best ways to build that upper body fast!

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