Top Ten Chest Exercises!

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Single Arm pushups for developing chest muscles

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Want To Get A Bigger Chest?

Check out this article on chest exercises from Body These are tried and true routines for maximum effect on developing a bigger chest.’s 10 Highest-Rated Chest Exercises
by Matt Biss Sep 20, 2012

(Rated 8.9)

Quick Tip: Reduce shoulder rotation by allowing for a bend in the elbows at the bottom of the movement. Do not allow your upper arm to break too far below the plane of the bench; we want to build our pecs, not strain our shoulders!

(Rated 8.9)

Quick Tip: Many of the top bodybuilders in the world, including former Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, prefer this movement as their primary exercise instead of the flat bench, which can be rough on the shoulders.

(Rated 8.9)

Quick Tip: For the bench press, technique is everything! Protect your shoulders by retracting your scapula and staying tight. Check out this link (Mark Bell article) to see how the best bench presser in the world does it!

(Rated 9.1)

Quick Tip: Many lifters, including our own Kris Gethin, prefer to slightly rotate the dumbbell as they complete the motion. This allows you to better squeeze the muscle at the top of the movement.

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There are some great pictures that go along with post. If you want to get a bigger chest and put muscle mass on those arms, check out these great chest exercises!

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