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Working Out And Eating

Working out takes a lot of energy and healthy foods are an essential part of workout plan. Check out this article from iVillage about what you should eat after a hard workout.

The importance of post-workout meals

What you eat right after you work out can be even more important than what you eat the rest of the day. The best post-workout meals combine water, complex carbohydrates and a moderate (not huge) amount of protein, according to registered dietitian Dina Aronson, R.D. Your body primarily uses glucose (sugar) to fuel your workout, so when you’re done, you need foods that raise your blood sugar steadily — not spike it — to replenish what you burned.

The 5 Best Post-Workout Foods

The most important meal you can have is the one after you exercise! Here are my five favorite post-workout meals that build muscle and replenish your energy


When it comes to working out, the most important meal you eat is the one you have after you exercise.
You see, for about an hour after your workout, there’s a window of opportunity when your muscles are literally starving for nutrients. We call this the golden hour. And the meal you eat at this time is the most important for building muscle and replenishing energy sources.

The first thing your body needs is a nice fresh supply of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are used by your body for making muscles, hormones, neurotransmitters, bones and all sorts of other important things. Exercise depletes critical amino acids such as glutamine, valine, isoleucine and leucine–and the way you replenish your body’s supply is with protein. That means meat, chicken, eggs, fish or whey protein powder (even soy protein powder, though I don’t like that as much as whey).

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After a good workout don’t forget to drink lots of water and include healthy food into your after workout routine. Protein is especially important after a hard workout as your body needs to replenish your muscles and bones. Just keep doing it!

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