Beginners Workouts

Workouts For Men

With more and more people wanting to live healthier lives, working out has become an important part of many men’s daily routine. Which means that most men who are trying to increase their fitness level want to know what are the best workouts. However, the answer to that question may not be as simple as you think. When choosing a workout, you need to take into consideration your health, your current fitness level and the amount of time you have each day to devote to working out.

The best workouts for men should incorporate both aerobic exercise and resistance training as the combination of these two types of exercise will help to improve your circulation, breathing, and strengthen your heart as well as build and tone muscle and help to take off those extra pounds as well.

For those men who have not exercised or worked out for a long period of time, the best workouts are those that start slow and build up as your stamina increases. Beginning workouts should including walking, squats, and push-ups as these activities will quickly help you to build stamina.

Once you have built up some stamina Then you might want to try more challenging workouts that will help to increase your overall fitness levels. To design your own workout routine choose 2 or 3 cardio exercises and 2 or 3 resistance exercisers and then do arrange them so that you are doing several circuits each workout session.

Start your workouts with a 10 minute warm up to stretch your muscles gently and include a 10 minute cool down period at the end of each workout session. You are also going to want to plan for a two minute rest between each circuit you perform. If you want to get the most out of your workouts, plan to do some walking or running on a tread mill, jumping rope, and perhaps using a rowing machine to get your heart rate up and start burning calories. This should be followed by those resistance exercises such as squats, push ups, or weight training. By combining both a cardio workout and resistance training into each circuit you are working more areas of your body to improve your overall fitness levels.

To prevent those plateaus, try reversing the order in which you perform your workout routines every couple of weeks. Or try doing things like walking backward on that treadmill, or jumping rope backward as this will target additional muscles and keep your routines from becoming overly boring. In addition remember to give your muscles a chance to get some rest by giving them a day to recover between workout sessions. During these off days try doing some mild but fun exercise oriented activities such as going for a bike ride, or playing a game of basketball or volleyball.

Keep in mind that best workouts for men, are those workouts that you are going to stick with and actually do. So choose the routine that is right for you and is somewhat challenging to help hold your interest as well as increasing your fitness.