Beginners Exercise Plan

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Published on August 30, 2012 with 2 Comments

Workout Routines For Beginners

A lot of men want to be in shape and maintain a good weight but don’t know how to start. We are busy with work and family and a multitude of projects that need doing and often the fitness routine is neglected. To maintain your health you must set aside¬†a minimum amount of time that you can exercise on a regular basis.¬†Exercise fights aging, keeps you mentally alert and helps to prevent illness. .


Beginners Exercise Basics

Before starting an exercise plan it’s a good idea to understand some basic principles:

  1. You can exercise a few days a week in the beginning to get your body used to a regular routine. You need to condition your muscles and slowly build a framework for your regular workouts that will fit your lifestyle.
  2. You should start with some cardiovascular exercise to increase your lung power. Building muscle mass takes plenty of oxygen and most often we are not used to heavy breathing. You will burn many calories and this will help you work into a weight training condition. Weight training boosts your metabolism and builds lean muscle helping to trim down excess flab. Work into this slowly.
  3. You should make sure you stay hydrated throughout your workout routine. Drink plenty of fluids especially while doing any cardiovascular exercise as this will dehydrate you quickly.

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  1. Staying hydrated definitely makes a big difference when working out!

  2. Home gym workouts need not be any less effective than workouts done in a gym, provided certain basic principles are observed. A home gym is unlikely to have the same professional equipment as a commercial gym, so some adjustments will be necessary. Here is how to get the best results from a home gym workout.””

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