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  • Supplements

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    Top Bodybuilding Supplements 2012

      2012 Supplement AwardsBodybuilding Supplements If you’re looking for supplements to help you gain weight or muscle mass, here’s the list of the best supplements available from 2012 Supplement Award Winners…

  • Single Arm pushups for developing chest muscles

    Top Ten Chest Exercises!

    Want To Get A Bigger Chest? Check out this article on chest exercises from Body These are tried and true routines for maximum effect on developing a bigger chest.’s 10 Highest-Rated Chest Exercises…

  • Picture of kettlebells used in Kettlebell Workouts

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    Kettlebell Workouts?

    Curious About Kettlebell Workouts? Check out this Video from Steve Cotter on kettlebell workouts and how you can use these unusual weights to lose weight and gain muscle. Please follow and like us:

  • Gym Exercise

    Gym Exercise

    Looking for a Gym Routine? Take a look at this article from Live Strong. The site gives some great advice and there are lots of links to different workout routines. Want to build muscle fast?…

  • Old School Muscle Fitness Ad

    Art Of Manliness

    Be A man! This website is the bomb! You want to look and feel like man? This site gives some great tips on manliness and describes some workout routines that will help you capture that inner…

  • Greg Plitt posing for a workout shot

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    Inspirational Images of a Man's Body

    What can you look like? If you work for it, you can be awesome! Check out this Video from Greg Plitt. Get hyped about going to the gym and changing the way you look and…

  • Over Fifty Workout

    Workout To Age Better!

    Worried About Aging and Sex? Take a look at this article from Men’s Health magazine. If you haven’t been convinced of the benefits of a good Workout Plan, this might help to convince you. Men’s…

  • Bench Press

    Gain Muscle Mass

      Build Muscle Faster! Here’s an article from AskMen about a workout plan for men who want to spend more time in the gym and build some muscle mass. AskMen  We recently featured an article…


    Cleanse Your Body

    Lemon Water For Body Cleansing. This is an interesting article about the benefits of Lemons for body cleansing, an  important part of Workout Nutrition. Check out the info Instead of merely decorating your water…

  • Workout weights

    Fitness Trends

    Kettlebell Workouts There are always new fads springing up that try a different angle on getting fit. Some are interesting and unique but others may not work so well. Here’s a look at some latest…